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Why Hire Professional Window Cleaning Service in Overland Park?

Thursday, Jan. 10th 2019

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be done every day, or even every week. But if you want your Overland Park home to create a great first impression or even if you just enjoy being able to see out through a clear, shining pane of glass – professional window cleaning is the way to go. And Miss Brightsides Maids are the ones to call!Miss-Brightside-Maids-Window-Cleaning-Overland-Park-KS

Don’t you love the way your bright, shiny window-walls look? Does your home boast vaulted ceilings, patio doors or arched, multiple-paned windows? Custom windows lend a unique look to many of the beautiful homes in Overland Park. But when those windows are dirty, streaked and filmy – nobody is going to be impressed. That’s why the professionals at Miss Brightsides Maids make it their business to do exceptional window cleaning.

Windows make your home look better. They let in fresh air and make your home more energy-efficient. Many Overland Park homes have a lot of windows, especially newer homes. Making sure your windows stay clean all year round helps keep them from wearing down and losing their functionality.

You might be tempted to grab some supplies and a ladder and take on the job of window cleaning yourself, but that may not be the best option. Consider the benefits of hiring professionals for all your window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Supplies.

While you can use off-the-shelf cleaners, paper towels or newspaper to clean your windows, those don’t work as well as the cleaners professionals use. In fact, they can actually make the windows dirtier. Once you start smearing the dirt around the windows can be left with ugly streaks. Professional window cleaning ensures your windows will be cleaned with the right equipment and cleaners. No streaks, no abrasive products, and perhaps even more importantly, no risk of injury to you! Cleaning second-story windows, for example, can be very hard to clean without the right equipment.

Minimize Static Build Up.

When fiber-based products are used incorrectly sometimes the rubbing motion attracts electrons and results in static charge building up. The electrons attract more dirt and debris leaving the windows dirtier than when you started cleaning them! Professional window cleaning products and techniques minimize the buildup of electrons.

Avoid Scratching The Glass.

The grime that collects on windows can harm the surface. Paint, rust, varnish and even animal waste can adhere to the glass. Using improper products and equipment to clean the windows can end up scratching the glass. You can prevent unnecessary damage to your windows by hiring a professional window cleaning service such as Miss Brightsides Maids.

Experienced Window Cleaning.

Different windows may require different methods to clean them. For example, tinted windows that have a film on them and storm windows all need to be cleaned differently. If they are damaged they won’t work properly, rendering them useless and unsightly.

Overland Park homeowners should prioritize window cleaning in their budget. The benefits are worth the expense of hiring it done. You can also take advantage of having window cleaning at the same time as other services such as home cleaning. Miss Brightsides Maids offers a full-range of home cleaning services to make your home sparkle and shine. Whether its window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning or more – we are the service to call in Overland Park.

Miss Brightside’s Maids cleaning services will clean your patio door glass, storm doors routinely and the inside of most other windows easily reached on request.

Please call our office at 913-782-1710 or contact us with a quick service form if you have questions about window cleaning.


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