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How to Create a Clean Friendly Home

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd 2015

Clean friendly, whats that? Well many times you are not able to get to some areas of the house that are visible and need cleaning. For instance night stands right next to the bed with several electrical cords directly under them. There’s often debris, dust, pet hair, etc. that accumulates in these types of areas and many times it’s just not readily accessible to cleaning and can be a very time consuming process. You need to move the tables, everything on them such as lamps, etc. & the cords under them to clean and then move it back. The same thing holds true in other areas of the house where there are similar situations but maybe not enough room to get the vacuum in there without moving several things first. Try to keep cleaning in mind the next time you move into your new home or are rearranging your furniture. You’ll find your home easier to clean and at the same time it will look visibly cleaner because it is!

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